Reconciling Information Exchange and Confidentiality

A PhD thesis by Wouter Teepe.
See also the English press release of the University of Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Op zoek naar Nederlandstalige informatie, waar ook de allergrootste leek nog wat van snapt?
Lees de samenvatting, de stellingen, het lekenpraatje, of het persbericht van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Zie ook de berichtgeving in de Nederlandstalige media, onderaan deze pagina.

Nieuw! De foto's van de verdediging staan online - New! Pictures of the defense are online


The PhD thesis, PDF file, 3.1 MB, 256 pages, in English
The "Stellingen", PDF file, 48 KB, 1 page, in Dutch
The "Lekenpraatje", PDF file, 68 KB, 2 pages, in Dutch
The Secret Prover, JAR Java Application, 165 KB, in English
LaTeX bibliographic entry, BIB file, 235 bytes
Errata as of May 15, 2007, PDF file, 94 KB, 2 pages

I am still collecting errors for the errata. Please notify me of any error you find (phrasing, typo's, errors in formulas, bigger errors, etc.)

Individual Chapters

Cover, PDF file, 83 KB, 1 page, in English
Title Page and Contents, PDF file, 508 KB, 14 pages, in English
Acknowledgements, PDF file, 126 KB, 4 pages, in English
Chapter 1: Introduction, PDF file, 259 KB, 16 pages, in English
Chapter 2: Preliminaries, PDF file, 620 KB, 10 pages, in English
Chapter 3: Cryptographic Hash Functions, PDF file, 350 KB, 20 pages, in English
Chapter 4: Authentication Logics, PDF file, 247 KB, 8 pages, in English
Chapter 5: "Unsoundness" of BAN logic, PDF file, 310 KB, 12 pages, in English
Chapter 6: Extending GNY Logic, PDF file, 270 KB, 12 pages, in English
Chapter 7: Information Designators, PDF file, 314 KB, 22 pages, in English
Chapter 8: Knowledge Authentication, PDF file, 338 KB, 20 pages, in English
Chapter 9: 1-to-many Protocols (T-1), PDF file, 329 KB, 24 pages, in English
Chapter 10: Many-to-many Protocols (T-2), PDF file, 647 KB, 24 pages, in English
Chapter 11: Conclusion, PDF file, 198 KB, 8 pages, in English
Appendices, PDF file, 939 KB, 34 pages, in English
Bibliography, PDF file, 270 KB, 15 pages, in English
Author Index, PDF file, 227 KB, 4 pages, in English
SIKS Dissertation Series, PDF file, 142 KB, 4 pages, in English
About the Author, PDF file, 127 KB, 1 page, in English
Samenvatting, PDF file, 137 KB, 3 pages, in Dutch

Contact Information

My new job is at the Security of Systems group of the Radboud University Nijmegen. Look here for more contact information.

Ordering Information

A printed copy of the thesis can be ordered by wire transfer of EUR 50 (including postage in NL) to "giro" account 5540819 on the name of "hr w g teepe" in Groningen. Mention your name, "thesis order" and the address the copy should be sent to. For international orders, please contact my by email.

Remember, a printed copy reads better than off-screen, and is handier than a bulky print. You get the beautifully designed cover with it. The book measures 17 by 24 centimeters, is 17 millimeters thick, and weighs just below 500 grams.

The defense

The official defense and accompanying events were on January 18, 2007, in Groningen, The Netherlands.
The corona consisted of:

Links from the thesis

The page of the British Government where the FOIA is explained, mentioned on page 6 of the thesis.
One of the worst nightmares of the American Civil Liberties Union, mentioned on page 81 of the thesis.

Media Coverage

Het NOS Radio 1 journaal interviewde mij op zaterdag 13 januari om 12.48 (MP3 file, 6.3 MB, 9:10 minutes, in Dutch) en zond later die dag nog een korte compilatie uit (MP3 file, 1.7 MB, 1:03 minutes, in Dutch)
De Universiteitskrant van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen wijdde op 18 januari een artikel aan het proefschrift (PDF file, 112 KB, 1 page, in Dutch)
Op 19 januari stond er een interview op pagina 2 van de Staascourant (PDF file, 860 KB, 1 page, in Dutch)
Op 20 januari stond er een artikel in het katern Kennis van de Volkskrant (PDF file, 1.3 MB, 1 page, in Dutch)
Op 6 februari werd een stelling gepubliceerd in het NRC Handelsblad (PDF file, 33 KB, 1 page, in Dutch)
Op 27 februari is het genoemd in een stuk van de Eerste Kamer (PDF file, 28 KB, 5 pages, in Dutch)